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 Halafox checking in

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Halafox checking in Empty
PostSubject: Halafox checking in   Halafox checking in EmptyFri Sep 04, 2015 11:56 am

Hi I am Halafox, the GL of JUNO. I have been playing for almost 2 years now and have explored many aspects of the game, and many more to follow.

I decided to focus on taming just a few weeks into the game. Right now however, my main, Halafox has given up taming in order to pursue knowledge of a certain magical wood found in Sarducaa. I have Octapuza, who is my dominator, and Tarafox who is kind of a low level tamer that I will be using to help instruct those who would like to learn more about taming, breeding, and domination, ie the basics of Animal Husbandry and Care.

As a Magister, I think it is fair to charge a one time fee of a stack of wood or something similar to pay for the service of instruction. What is everyone else going with?
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Favonius Cornelius

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Halafox checking in Empty
PostSubject: Re: Halafox checking in   Halafox checking in EmptyWed Sep 09, 2015 9:46 pm

Hail to the Lady of the west! Thanks for coming LH. You can find a full list of classes and what people are charging in the class section. I figure general classes could be more free but classes that give true secrets are worth some gold for sure.
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Halafox checking in
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