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 Animal Husbandry and Care

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Animal Husbandry and Care Empty
PostSubject: Animal Husbandry and Care   Animal Husbandry and Care EmptyFri Sep 04, 2015 12:42 pm

This course is geared to teach students the basics of Animal Husbandry and Care. While several of the topics offered in this class will overlap with other CM offerings, the course will attempt to provide knowledge that will supplement the other classes. In particular we will take a closer look at Domination, and attempt to undertake some activities in the field that will allow students to gain experience, knowledge, and materials necessary for this art.

Animal Husbandry and Care covers the following topics:

Basic Skills and Lores for Taming
Breeding: Horses, Lyks, and Molvas
Taming for the Market
Advanced Taming
Basic Domination
Domination in the Field (will include excursions)
Domination and Taming in Arid Environments (optional)

Please contact Halafox if you are interested in this class. I will do my best to provide personalized, one on one, instruction on these topics. I have been playing as a tamer in MO for almost 2 years and am a teacher in real life as well.

The fee for this class is one stack of wood (dapplewood or brownwood is preferred!) and is a one-time fee for life-long instruction.
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Animal Husbandry and Care
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