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 The Art of Food.

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The Art of Food. Empty
PostSubject: The Art of Food.   The Art of Food. EmptyMon Sep 07, 2015 3:17 pm


There are a few different courses I would love to offer for those who are in need:

Cooking Basics - An introduction into cooking, the tools at hand, basics of Reserve Cooking and a look into Named Recipes on Nave.
Botanical Extraction - A look into the different tiers of materials that can be found on Nave, what tools can be used in their extraction, and which extraction methods suits each material type best.
Sophistication and Cooking - A look into Sophistication within your foods, how to properly read ingredients and results, and methods of instilling soph to your dishes without overpowering the original intention (eg. HN/Soph, or SN/Soph foods)

Due to the fact that there are many different time zones to contend with, I am willing to set up times to chat (be it in IRC or a TS) or even spend some time with Forum PM lessons to try and suit individual needs.

Any concerns or questions, feel free to send me a PM on here or the MO forums.

Safe travels.

Glorious Lord Beord.
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The Art of Food.
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