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 How to Use This Section (Posting Class Curriculum)

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Favonius Cornelius

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How to Use This Section (Posting Class Curriculum) Empty
PostSubject: How to Use This Section (Posting Class Curriculum)   How to Use This Section (Posting Class Curriculum) EmptyWed Sep 02, 2015 5:33 pm

Hail Magisters,

Please use this section to post about your classes. Make a separate post for each of your planned courses, outlining the framework of what you will teach, your charges, and any other information you find pertinent to the class. You can field questions from students in each forum thread and discuss planning.

REMEMBER: Magisters can teach anywhere they want, charge what they wish, and promote their own guilds as they see fit.

If you feel like you want to teach at the Monastery literally, contact me and we'll arrange things. In another post I will list the available amenities of the Monastery, which will expand over time.
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How to Use This Section (Posting Class Curriculum)
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